Services for external funding programs

As RPDTTD, we work as a bridge between national and international research funders and Koç University researchers, in order to support and encourage applications to research and innovation funding programs. For this purpose, we offer a number of services to the Koç University researcher community:

  • We track and disseminate information about funding mechanisms
  • We organize events aiming to increase the volume of funding applications (capacity building events, trainings, seminars)
  • We closely support each applicant during the pre-grant phase, guiding through application procedures, giving feedback on technical and financial issues
  • When a proposal is funded, we provide administrative services for grant preparation, and later, project implementation

Services for University-Industry Collaboration

One of our main priorities is to provide an effective interface between Koç University and private sector organizations in order to facilitate strong and long-term collaborations. In this pillar, our services aim to match Koç University’s research and innovation outputs with industry and support commercialization and the development of innovative, competitive products that will give an edge to Turkish economy. Some of our services here:

  • We organize networking activities to promote Koç University’s research infrastructure and encourage its utilization by companies.
  • We hold events to support the development of university-industry collaboration (needs analyses, brokerage events)
  • We match researchers and companies for external funding opportunities and provide application and implementation support to projects.

Management of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Licensing Services

In order to support the smooth conduct of IPR matters at Koç University, we provide services that help increase the number of invention declarations and patent applications. We provide the following services:

  • We identify proper methods for the evaluation and commercialization of inventions, and guide Koç University inventors through the path of technology transfer.
  • We organize events to increase awareness of and inform our stakeholders inside and outside Koç University on matters related to IPR.
  • We connect inventors with potential funders and licensing companies.
  • We manage relations with companies that license Koç University technologies.

As RPDTTD, we collaborate with İnventram for the technology transfer of Koç University inventions. The company was established in cooperation with Koç Holding and Koç University and its operations focus on early stage investments for technological developments. We try to commercialize inventions with short-term commercialization potential through İnventram. For those with medium- to long-term commercialization potential, we manage IPR through RPDTTD.

Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Supports

Koç University provides support services for start-ups established by Koç University students or researchers, and organizes activities that promote entrepreneurship. This pillar is not run by RPDTTD: All related services are provided by Koç University Center for Entrepreneurship (KWORKS).