Project Management Process

Researchers might wish to consult the following flow chart for their projects' management phase:

Your Project is Granted

Inform RPD Directorate about Grant Agreement Preparation

Consult to RPD Directorate for

  • Legal advice for any kind of agreement
  • Legal advice for intellectual property rights
  • Any additional documentation or required data for negotiation phase

TÜBİTAK Projects

Follow the instructions of the TÜBİTAK's mail sent to you(e.g. İş yükü taahhüt belgesi, bursiyer formları)

EC Projectds

Fill the negotiation forms on NEF, keep the pdf version of your negotiation form and share it RPD Directorate

Other Projects

Fill the necessary forms and send a copy of the documents to RPD Directorate

Fill the necessary forms and collect all the documents to be submitted. Keep a copy of the documents and send orijinals to RPD Directorate for final approval

RPD Directorate sends all the documents to the sponsor and informs the Researcher

When the agreement is fully singed by the sponsor;

Received by Researcher:Researcher keeps a copy and sends the original to RPD Directorate.

Received by RPD Directorate:RPD Directorate keeps the original and send a copy to researcher.

Ready for Execution!

Comptroller's Office informs the researcher about the arrival of pre-financing to the bank account.

If the funding requires VAT exemption form, the Comptroller's Office makes necessary applications.

No purchase can be made prior.

Researcher is responsible for

  • Keeping timesheets up to date,
  • Submitting bills and invoices through SAP on time,
  • Preparing interim/final reports in coordination with RPD Directorate
  • Submitting project's purchase requests/orders through SAP to Procurement

Submissions of Reports

Receipt of Funds

Submission of The Final Report

Receipt of the final payment from the sponsor

Another important issue in project management is about budgeting and reporting tasks.

RPDTTD gives the following management services all research projects, primarily TÜBİTAK and European Commission sponsored one, after the initialization of the projects:

  • Support to researchers in order to follow the financial management procedures of the sponsor organization;
  • Monitoring of the project's budget items and expenses and suppor to researchers for efficient use of their budgets;
  • Bridging communication between sponsors and other project-related organizations and the researcher on financial matters; carrying out any necessary negotiations on such matters between parties;
  • Preparing and submitting financial reports as demanded and scheduled by the sponsor.

All data related to proposals should be electronically recorded through the SAP C-Projects Module.