1. Who can I contact for project purchases?

All purchase of goods and services for the projects should be done with the guidance of the Procurement Directory as they must be in accordance with the Tender Regulation.

  1. Can I charge a business class ticket to the project budget?

No. The beneficiary (project investigator and host institution) must make all purchases of goods and services ensuring the best value for money or, if appropriate, the lowest price (Annotated Model Grant Agreement, Article 10). A business class ticket cannot be charged to the project unless it was allowed by the internal travel policy of the host institution.

  1. I couldn’t attend to a project event due to my sickness and some expenses haven’t been refunded. Can I charge these expenses to the project budget?

No. Only the cost of realized travels can be charged to the project. Costs of cancelled travels cannot be charged to the project unless the cancellation reason was a force majeur.

  1. I have missed the flight and bought another ticket. Can I charge both tickets to the project?

No. Only the ticket with lowest price can be charged to the project, the other ticket cannot be paid from the project budget.

  1. My visa application has been rejected and I have applied twice. Can I charge both application fees to the project?

No. Only the invoice with lowest amount can be charged to the project, the other fee cannot be paid from the project budget.

  1. Does the project budget cover the travel costs of a person who’s not part of my project team?

The contribution of this person in your research and the reason of this travel should be justified in the financial report. Please consult the project specialist in TTO and verify the eligibility of this cost before any expenditure.

Once the justification is approved, this person shall fill out a timesheet and send it to TTO after the travel took place. You may contact the project specialist in TTO for further information on rules of filling out a timesheet.

  1. In case of financial loss due to courier or customs problems for purchases from abroad, can these costs be charged to H2020 projects?

Project budget covers only the cost of goods and services to be used during the implementation of the project. Financial loss occurring from the purchase process of these goods and services cannot be charged to the project budget.

  1. Can I buy a service/good that wasn’t foreseen in the proposal if I have leftovers?

All unforeseen purchases are considered as ineligible cost. Project investigator should get permission from the funding organization for these expenses before the purchase. First, you must contact the project specialist in TTO and explain the reason of this purchase.  Then, with the guidance of TTO, you get permission from the Project Officer assigned to your project by the funding organization. For some budget items Project Officer may require a formal Amendment process for the unforeseen purchases.

  1. Which name and address should be mentioned on the invoce?

All invoices should be issued in the name of Koç University. You may contact TTO to obtain the invoice details of the university.

It is recommended that you include the project’s grant agreement number on the invoice.

  1. I would like to make a payment to my service provider who cannot raise an invoice. How can I pay?

According to the internal rules of Koç University a Service Contract between the university and the service provider, who cannot raise an invoice, should be prepared before the payment. The agreement could be signed only after being approved by Human Resources Directorate and the President. Once signed by both parties, the agreement would be accepted by the Accounting and Finance Directorate as a formal expenditure document. The payment could be done after registering this expense through SAP with a purchase order (SAS). You may request the template of a Service Agreement from the project specialist in TTO.

  1. Why there is a difference between the salary my employee receives and the amount you charge to my project?

Salary costs reflected to the projects are cost of employment and include all payroll taxes and fringe benefits. The difference occurs form the state with holdings and the costs of fringe benefits.

  1. Can I prepare my budget table with net salaries?

No. The cost of employment (gross salary + Social Security Institution employer’s taxes + costs of fringe benefit) of the project personnel should be reflected to the budget table.

  1. Is termination indemnity cost of project personnel eligible in H2020 projects?

It is eligible when all conditions stated in Annotated Model Grant Agreement (p.64-65), under “End-of-contract indemnities” title are met. The cost to be claimed is limited with the duration of employment of the specific personnel.

  1. Is salary of an employee on maternity leave eligible in H2020 project?

The employee shall receive maternity leave pay from social security funds, therefore the salary of the employee is not eligible.

  1. Who can I contact for Open Access process?

You can provide free access to your papers by paying to the Publisher and/or registering your paper to the Koç University’s repository. Koç University Suna Kıraç Library would be supporting you in this process. You can contact TTO for the details of Suna Kıraç Library personnel.

  1. I would like to extend the duration of my project. How should I proceed?

You should first contact the project specialist in TTO and verify the justification of your extension demand. Then, with the guidance of  TTO, you contact the Project Officer assigned to your project and explain the reason of your demand. Upon her/his approval, the formal Amendment process shall begin. In Cooperation projects, extension demand should be communicated and processed by the Coordinator institution.