• Which steps do I need to follow to include a scholarship student in my project? 

You can add the students you want to include  in your project by entering your PTS and uploading the necessary documents (link atılabilir) from the “Project staff” link in the “Add scholarship” section. 

  • Is it sufficient to enter my scholarship students into the PTS? 

After you enter your scholarship student into PTS, you need to inform the related responsible in your faculty and share the related PTS screenshot with her/him to start the SGK processes. 

  • What is a Star scholarship? 

Star scholarship is a Tubitak-supported internship program that supports undergraduate students. You can reach the details by clicking on the link https://star.tubitak.gov.tr/. 

  • When I want to upload my students to PTS, the system gives a YÖK error. What should I do?  

When you get an error about Yök, you can contact the “Student Administration Office” of our university. 

  • I received an e-mail from TUBITAK regarding of the first tranche. Can I start spending my budget? 

TUBITAK requires a certain period of time to transfer the first tranche to the relevant project account. You can find out your current account balance by contacting the TTO department. 

  • My project has just started, I need to start spending. What should I do first? 

Please contact the TTO department whether your money transfer has realized or not. After your money transfer entry is approved, you can contact our “Purchasing” department for spending procedures. 

  • My PTI payment has not been transferred to my account, what should I do? 

PTI payments are transferred following the related progress reports.  As TTO department, we request you to send your relevant PTİ letter which you can download in the “Reports” section of your PTS. Then your payment will be transfer to your account. 

  • How much money have left in my project, where can I reach the updated information?  

You can see all your expenditures and remaining budget in detail by entering your relevant project code on SAP. (SAP Code: ZPS007N)

  • I need an additional time to complete my project, how should I do? 

You must create an “Extension” request from the “My Requests” section on the PTS. In case your additional time is approved, it is important to inform the TTO department by sending the relevant approval letter. 

  • I have already completed my project, but I want to spend the amount in my institution share. Is this possible? 

Yes, it is possible. For the projects started before 2020, you can spend your share within a 3-month period following the project completion date. In projects started after 2020, the expenditures can be completed within 6 months.