•  What is the first step of TUBITAK processes?

You should register to ARBİS https://arbis.tubitak.gov.tr/ .

  • If I have problem on ARBİS, what should I do?

You should contact arbis@tubitak.gov.tr .

  • During a TUBITAK application, should I calculate PTI (project encouragement bonus) and the overhead?

For national applications, you do not have to because TUBITAK will calculate during negotiation.

However, for international applications, you should fill these parts as a formality according to the rules stated in the budget form.

  • What is “TUBITAK quota” and how can it be calculated?

Here is the official explanation in Turkish. Please contact us if you need help.

  • What are the maximum amounts of fellowships for TUBITAK projects?

According to the current rules of 1001, here is the table:

  • If I had already applied with same or similar project topic, what should I do?

You should proceed by following the steps on the application system.