Dear researchers, As TTO, we provide support during the execution of the applications supported in all the programs whose contracts are signed between TÜBİTAK and Koç University. Since the scholarship programs other than 2232, 2236 and 2247-A under TÜBİTAK BİDEB are paid directly to individuals, they do not fall within the scope of TTO’s responsibility. You can find detailed information about the support below by clicking on the support names. You can review the TÜBİTAK Support Guide to view the support options that best suit your needs.

You can contact Elif Naz Acar Bilen and Ceyda ACICBE for Tübitak Projects budgeting, project financial management and reporting support.


National Funds

International Funds





National Funds

1512 – Entrepreneurship Multi-phase Programme: Destek Kapsamı | TÜRKİYE BİLİMSEL VE TEKNOLOJİK ARAŞTIRMA KURUMU (

1501 – Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme

1503 – R&D Project Brokerage Events Grant Programme

1507 – SME RDI (Research, Development & Innovation) Grant Programme

1511 – Research Technology Development and Innovation Projects in Priority Areas G. P.: Destek Kapsamı | TÜRKİYE BİLİMSEL VE TEKNOLOJİK ARAŞTIRMA KURUMU (

1601 Capacity Building for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Grant Programme

1514 – Venture Capital Funding Program

1602 – TÜBİTAK Patent Support Programme

1515 – Frontier R&D Laboratory Support Programme

1505 – University-Industry Collaboration Grant Programme

1513 – Technology Transfer Offices Grant Programme

International Funds

1509 – TÜBİTAK International Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme


International Scholarships

2232 – International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers

2236 – Co-Funded Brain Circulation Scheme2 (CoCirculation2)

Science & Society

National Funds

4004 – Nature Training and Science Schools

4005 – Innovative Education Methods