Technology Transfer

Technology transfer can be defined as the transfer of the information especially the intellectual property based Technology from one institution for the benefit of the public. Technology transfer offices are the organizations that help to mediate this process in a proper way. Even though technology transfer seems simply the know-how exchange among institutions, the process of technology transfer serves to public benefit in the long run.

Technology Transfer at Koç University

Technology Transfer Unit of Koç University Research, Project Development and Technology Transfer Directorate (RPDTTD) aims to support all stages of transfer of technologies emerging from Koç University to the use of public. PPDTTD is responsible for the processes of evaluation of the commercial potentials of technologies, seeking for the most appropriate Intellectual property protection, the follow-up and execution of the technology transfer processes. Within this scope, RPDTTD team is responsible from the communication with the inventors on one-to-one basis, conducting preliminary patent searches, prosecution of all patent processes, and ensuring that the Koç University technologies are protected in the most comprehensive way within the intellectual property right framework. In the same parallel, with our strategic partner Inventram, the team is responsible for the identification of potential markets, creation/implementation of license agreements, and negotiation processes.

Our Objectives

  • Contribute to the development of society through technology transfer
  • The acquisition of the technologies emerging from Koç University
  • Funding of Koç University Research through Technology Transfer

From Idea to the Market

At Koç University, RPDTTD unit supports technology transfer process from idea to product development with a facilitative approach. Knowledge emerging from Koç University Laboratories are prosecuted starting from the project development phase and tailor-made mechanisms are designed for each technology for a commercial output. Incentive mechanisms and facilitative technology transfer policies are adopted with the support of the university management. One-to-one interaction and communication with researchers for creation of an environment of trust has been adopted by RPDTTD. The most appropriate Intellectual Property protection mechanism for the specific technology, which has been tracked through the research development phase, is selected. The process starts with the disclosure of the invention by the researcher followed by the evaluation of the invention in terms of both the patentability criteria and the commercial potential. The patent prosecution process including the drafting of the patent application are pursued with the researchers with a transparent management. At this stage, the commercial potential of the technology is evaluated in cooperation with our strategic partner Inventram. The most appropriate commercialization mechanism for the specific technology is determined and acted upon that direction. Issues like the motivation of the inventor, the level of technology readiness level (TRL), the status of the market and the scope of protection of the patent are considered in the decision. The contract management and follow-up processes are also managed by the RPDTTD unit.