Research Centers and Laboratories

Conducting scientific and applied research, proposing policies in various arenas and disseminating academic knowledge in social, economic and legal spheres, Koc University’s research centers are a uniquely powerful dimension of the institution’s emphasis on research. Undergraduate students work alongside faculty members on research projects. These research activities enhance their creativity and acuity for research. Similarly, Koc University’s Graduate Programs have a powerful research component, interweaving superior academics with required research experience.

Below are some of these units (also check the complete list here)

Koç University Surface Science and Technology Center (KUYTAM)

KUYTAM consists of seven thematic surface characterization laboratories built over 600 m2 of area. The infrastructure consists of more than 30 state-of-the-art analysis instruments such as scanning electron microscopes, atomic force microscopes, x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, x-ray diffractometer, x-ray photo-emission spectrometer, Raman microscope, ultra-fast laser spectrometer, and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, among others. With this infrastructure, high precision measurements and analyses can be performed on surfaces with thicknesses ranging from a few atomic layers to beyond microns.

Main focuses are: Surface Chemistry, Surface Physics, Surface Engineering

Koç University TUPRAS Energy Center (KÜTEM)

KUTEM is an energy research center at Koç University established in 2012 by funds from Tüpraş. The center constitutes of around 30 faculty members in Engineering, Sciences and Administrative Science & Economics. Research projects are carried out in a newly constructed state-of-the-art laboratory as well in research laboratories of the affiliated faculty. The research activities of the center are focused on development of new energy technologies in areas which are fossil fuels, biofuels and solar fuels.

Examples of funded projects:

  • Diesel Hydrodesulphurization Process
  • Development of Alternative Fuel Additives and Determination of Their Fuel Competitiveness
  • Development of Catalytic Systems Focusing on the Conversion of Waste Carbon Dioxide into High Fuels

Koç University Arçelik Research Center for Creative Industries (KUAR)

A wide range of topics such as lifestyle, entertainment, cultural heritage, info-assistance, transportation, education, healthcare lie within the scope of research conducted at KUAR, where research and development on conceptual/experimental/visionary prototypes, working prototypes, re-design prototypes of products, design guidelines is undertaken.

Koç University Research Center For Translational Medicine (KUTTAM)

Translational research in medicine is the process of applying ideas, insights, and discoveries generated through basic scientific inquiry to the treatment or prevention of human disease. To accelerate the appropriate integration of basic discoveries into health care, it is essential to remove barriers and communication gaps between scientists and the clinicians.

Koç University’s unique advantage of incorporating numerous outstanding departments such as; Medicine, Engineering and Sciences under the same institution allows it to effectively support complex and multi/interdisciplinary research.

Core Labs in KUTTAM are,

  • Molecular Medicine
  • Cellular and Molecular Imaging
  • Biomechanics and Endurance
  • Nano-Scale Technology and Prototype Production Lab.
  • Motion Analysis and Cognition
  • Animal Research
  • Neurodegeneration Research Lab.

Koç University Boron Based Materials and High Technology Chemicals Research and Application Center (KABAM)

Koç University and AKKİM Company cooperated with each other to establish a scientific center with advanced competence in advanced boron technologies and to provide the possibility of the development of boron based high technology materials and related chemicals for application and industrial research infrastructure in our country which has three quarters of the world boron reserves.

Establishment of a scientific center on high boron technologies with international competences through cooperation between Koç University and Akkim provides the possibility of the development of boron based high technology materials and related chemicals for application and industrial research infrastructure in our country.

KABAM ensures to increase the scope and profoundness of scientific studies being implemented within Koc University since August 2017. It is aimed to continue the studies representing academia and industry collaborations as well as the integration of science and engineering through collaborative research fields and interdisciplinary academic projects.

KABAM mainly has 3 main focuses: (1) Boron based chemical compounds; (2) Energetic materials and boron based batteries; (3) High technology chemicals and ceramics.

Koç University Central Research Lab & Clean Room

Central Lab and Clean Room are one of the most comprehensive R&D investments of our university in recent years. Central Lab is equipped with up-to-date technologies and devices, with a construction cost about 8.5 M EUR.

Koc University Microbiology Laboratory

Lab infrastructure is equippred for classical and molecular microbiological research. (Füsun Can, Önder Ergönül)

Koc University Optical Microsystems Laboratory

OML is well equipped for electrical, optical, mechanical design, test and characterization. Research is focused on: MEMS, Micro-optics, 2D/3D display and Imaging.

  • Projects: 3D Displays, Pico-Projectors and Laser Scanners, Micro-optics, MEMS Spectrometers, Thermal Imaging, Portable Nano-Biosensor
  • Some of ongoing Projects: Holographic AR/VR Displays ,Head Mounted Projector & Vision Systems, Mirage Screen

Koç University Manufacturing & Automation Resarch Center

MARC is dedicated to the conduction of advance multidisciplinary scientific research and education in the fields of Advanced Manufacturing, Mechatronics and Medical systems.

Some of the research and training topics in MARC are as follows:

Advanced Manufacturing: Precision System Design and Analysis, High Precision Advanced Manufacturing, Micro and Macro Manufacturing, Advance Engineering Materials, Process Modeling and Optimization, Laser Processing of Engineering Materials, Additive Manufacturing Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Engineering (CAE) / Manufacturing (CAM)

Mechatronics and Automation: Process Automation Precision Motion Control, Open Architecture Control System Development, CNC Machine Tools, Industrial Robotics

Medical Systems / Biomedical Engineering: Development of Artificial Organs and Support Systems Heart Pumps, Left Ventricular Assist Devices, Cardiovascular System Modeling, Human Spine System Modeling and Implant Development, Biomechanics, Orthopedic Implant Development; Bio-Manufacturing and Tissue Engineering

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