• Our company aims develop a self-financed R&D collaboration project with Koç University. What are the main steps?

As Research Project Development and Technology Transfer Directorate, we aim to promote sustainable and research oriented collaborations between our university and companies.

As a first step, you can always contact us and communicate your R&D needs . We organize an initial meeting to understand you and match your needs with related researchers, while we introduce you to the relevant research infrastructure at Koç University.

Once you agree on a project framework with our researchers, our Office supports the contract negotiation phase.

  • Can You Explain the Contract Negotiation Phase Briefly?

For company-funded R&D projects, “Project Agreement” and “Non-Disclosure Agreement” documents need to be signed between both parties. Project Agreement contains the brief information on work packages (they can be detailed as annexes), the project’s budget*, roles and responsibilities of both parties, and finally, intellectual property rights issues.

*total project budget = Project Budget + University Overhead (%20 of the Project Budget)

  • Can Our Company Procure Academic Consultancy from Koc University? What is the Difference between “Consultancy” and “R&D Collaboration Project”?

You can retain Academic Consultancy services from our researchers. The main difference from a project is that Koç University’s research infrastructure will not be used in this collaboration type. The academic consultancy process is organized by UNVEST A.Ş. which is an associate of Koç University. There is no overhead in consultancy agreements.

  • While Developing a Collaboration Project, Can We Apply For National Funding Programmes?

Your company has to be established in Türkiye. Visit www.tubitak.gov.tr for more information about national grant applications, EU Projects, Eureka and other international funding programmes are also alternative options for grant applications.